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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  September 17, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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percent jump. >> that's it for foshes. keep it right here cashin' in starts now. >> regulation nation running amuck. gop presidential hopeful rick perry outblasting government regulations saying one cost the state 500 jobs as energy company is forced to cut back. is that the only business getting hit with 25,000 rules that are on the book. 10 news ones coming every day. did we need to scrap the rule to bring back the jobs? , i am cheryl, welcome to cashin in. >> we have wayne rogers and johnathon and tracey burns and managering director. and christopher haun .
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great to see you. tracey, i will start wu. you say scrap the regulation and that will jump start jobs. how so. >> you said it. 161,000 a year it costs businesses. those are multiple employee salaries. right now small businesses are paying $11,000 per employee to file all of these dumb rules and the administration plan to implementing 259,000 regulations. they spend time complying with regulation and what about innovation and expanding the business. there is no time for that and certainly no money left for that. is this a red tape argument in and too hard to go through companis and say forget it we'll pull that scale back? >> well, obviously some regulation is necessary in cases it is overregulated. the biggest problem is big government. when you have big government and large corporation and big unions all compeating, they
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will be regulated. competition and a lot of people in the free market, it is its own regulator. if i had 15 people making the product. i will get the best at the lowest possible price. one or two companies dominating this, then i need regulation . >> chris, i don't know if you saw but neal cavuto had a speed reader to come n and he made it 4000 pages and threw up his hand and gave up . no way to do it. that's what businesses, chris are having to deal with and that is a program. >> some are much needed and provide clean water and make sure people are safe in the workplace. what needs to happen. there is a time limit and one bite for regulators. once a company puts in their application, they have one bite to say this needs to be changed and doesn't. what i hear from companies i
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work with all of the time. we make the change that regulators tell us to make and then say here is 7 others. it should be one bite rule. you can protect our energy and clean air and workers without having businesses suffer from the delays it is the delay that is kill them. >> that's a false assumption. it is not for the regulation in business, people would be screwing and running ramp pant. it is not true. free market doesn't mean free to cheat or free to defraud or poison water. >> tell that to 1914. >> but regulators. >> just look at the clean water. >> let johnathon go ahead. >> the point is, all regulators do, is destroy, chris, that's whoo you said. it comes as a cost. traces mentioned $161,000. and disrupts the free market
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and ends for destruction and loss for everyone involved. >> we'll bring shawn in in particular governor perr talked about the epa regulations that is half electricity. there might be power shortages. and the governor is saying, i understand the need for regulation, but why so complicate heavy handed. we'll help clean up the air and give us time and work with us. >> heavy hand you can't test this. what we are see nothing texas, they are worrying about down state winds and worrying about the states in the east impacted. but realistically. you are talking about regulations that are not fully implement they can be and tested again. tracey said 160,000 that can go back to business and encourage new business and encourage more hires down the road. it is not looking at 160
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dimensional. >> can i talk about the power thing. i was on a large utility ard and what is going on in texas is a blob. we have stricter rule in new york and we have never had blackouts here. they can deal with it there, too. >> it is not a blob. let me tell you something. (talking all at once.) >> you run it >> i have run a power company. >> you run a power plant. >> you have been on a board of trustees. >> i don't think that is the point. the big point there are fees that put on the companies even small businesses that define stupid licensing fees. they are nit picks because the government is broke yen trying to come up with money any way they k. the rules are not helpful. >> and hold on a second. i want to go to wayne rogers and trying to find middle ground here. there is some regulation that
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is important in business. no one wants to coal miner to pass away . no one wants the air to be polluted. >> neither do the coal companies. but wayne, the idea that regulations need to be more simplistic and the companies need time. they will come to the table but they feel like the government is overdoing it. what did neal go through? he couldn't go through the pages, that's the point. >> you're correct. it is overdone and the congress is acdicated their responsibility to the regulators. when they pass, take dodd frank, 200,000 pages long and they didn't read it and passed it. most in dodda frank and obama care. they are dumped to a regulatory agency that is not responsibility to the the public and doing what they want to do without guidance and beyond what the laww gave
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them to go do this. >> but wayne. >> they have constant in deal that. >> and the regulations themselves are destructive. that's what we are missing here. bernie madoff was regulated we don't think about the doctors we go to see and banks we put our money in. >> if they were regulating bernie madoff. >> he was regulated by the fcc. look at the food pyramids, we followed it for decades. regulators told us it was in the best interest. they disrupt the private free market for thinking for yourself. >> thank to all of you. very interesting discussion. improve the look of our nation's schools and kid's grades will start to look up. is the white house plan making the grade. we'll debate it. risk the health care man date
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that's what democrats in washington think . we find out reading scores for high school seniors are at a record low. upon waneyou say we need to fix something else. >> you have to fix the teachers and students before you fix the buildings. education is not about buildings. there is no correlation between a new building and the scores. listen, i went to school in a
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shack practically with a pot belly stove in the middle of the room and that's how it was heated and i am serious. by the way, by the time i finished the school i was making all a's that has nothing to do with the building. it was awful and ugly and everything else. but the teachers were great and the students were interested in what they were doing. >> tracey, that is hard to argue w. you have kids, do you think that the environment and buildings, if they were better you think your kids would get a better education. >> great teachers make great students and my kids are fortunate enough to have great teachers and not everybody does. let's change the curriculum and pay for performance and get rid of tenure and earn what they deserve. we don't treat them properly. that's our problem. >> chris, are we mises appropriating. >> you can't learn if the roof
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is leak no heat in the classroom. this is america we should have at best schools. there should be reform in education and have the best. >> why put the cart before the horse. >> absolutely. >> this speak to infrastructure. roads crumble because roads fall. >> there it is. and the empire fell. we'll do the same thing. we'll invest in the school buildings. >> it is all about accountability . tracey hit on a number of fine ponents. what is the line right now for the failure percentage when you are going to eliminate a teacher? you can't because they are in a teacher union . there for life. >> the teacher union? >> the only way to be in a union and not, when you want to fire you have a due process. >> you know chris, i know you ran power plants and governments. >> no, here's the thing.
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you can't deny tenure promotes apatti. >> i deny it >> that is oh, come on, chris. >> (talking all at once.) you have a teacher that is the head and 310,000 a year she's making. and (talking all at once.) john than back to the 25 million dollars. >> 25 billion cheryl. 25 billion dollars. so it is like shovel ready with an academic twist it is little bit bizarre to think that we are going to save the public school with a government monoply and government spending. you get the same appeal with the health care bill. what about the children. yes, i care about the children. get rid of the public schools. that is the best thing for the children. >> and oh, my god. >> it is why i pulled myself
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up and you pulled yourself up. >> you and wane must have went to bad ass public schoolings. but as a government monopoly they are atrocious. >> i think wayne win its. pot bellied stove and i think you were bare foot in the snow. >> up hill all the way. wayne's point is fascinating it was not what he was surrounded with but what you were taught and begin and that's going to the teachers. >> it goes to the quality of the teachers and intent of the school and direction of the people who are running it. >> it has nothing to do with the four walls that you are sitting in. it is meaningless. i am reading a piece of paper and a book and doesn't have anything to do with where i am in the studio. >> do we take that money, then, and as a taxpayer money and redirect it and forget about infrastructure and
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reinvest in teacher education and guidance. >> you are needing both. we need to make sure teachers are up to speed with internet usage and other thing in the economy that changed so much. the interlocking economy that we have right here. infrastructure is important and building crumblings make for a bad environment. >> no one wants for a bad teacher. that's what it comes down to. >> coming up, everybody. businesses. yeah. who knows. businesses are giving democrats three million reason to repeal the health care man date. and well, wait. [ thunder rumbles ] what is the sign of a good decision? in the world of personal finance, it's massmutual.
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find strength and stability in a company that's owned by its policyholders. ask your advisor, or visit but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> coming up. a new study warning that the president's health care law. and plan to stop it before
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your job is in jeopardy.
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>> at this hour the big question of what went so terribly wrong in a reno air show? investigators are trying to figure out why a world war ii airplane crash killed three people and injured many more as stunned spectators watched in disbelief. we are one week away from the florida straw poll and the winner of the poll will be the winner of the presidency. we'll talk to florida governor rick scott and asks who he plans to endorse. >> a new book and allegations of the inner working . obama white house and including it was a hostile workplace for women and president's economic advisors undermine him. all that and more.
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america's news headquarters will come our way. stay with us. >> do you believe dose for bad news for jobs. more americans are filing for unemployment benefits and three million more may be joining them soon. due to a man date in the health care law. republicans and blue dog democrats are calling to repeal that man date. >> i do. the health care bill is immoral and hasn't fixed health care and made it significantly worse. it destroys what used to be a quazy free market in health care. that's gone thanks to the health care bill. it is based on force. forces you to buy a product. it was design to fail and i hope it get struck down next
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coup elf sessions of congress. >> todd, you think we should repeal it? >> i do think so. i am not sure it will help the unemployment. employers want to invest in new hires. they can't do that and pend more dollars in the years to come. but realistically the economy is on a trajectory that shifts going lower. >> chris, you are shaking your head. >> the whole immoral thing. it is not immoral about making health insurance companies pay the premium in health care. they do right now 40 percent. i would have gone for a single payer system. it is not. they are not denying people jobs because of potential -- >> they are not hiring. >> it is still three years away. >> tracey, they are not hiring. >> they don't know what it is going to compt. >> i talk to small business
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owners every day . none of them are confident that they understand what is in the thing to begin with. they don't so therefore it promotes stagnation and companies should not be forced to supplyy you health insurance. i am sorry, that should be an option. >> and you know what, the government will provide health insurance because we need health coverage in this country. wait, wayne, you have owned several businesss and you had to deal with this issue yourself. what do you think? >> well, johnathon is right in the sense that it is coerced to do something that is not anybody's business. we talked about it in regulation. this is another one that massive overregulation and the bill is so many pages long and no one read it yet. small business guy can't figure it out. and you have no chance it has to be rewritten. if you want health insurance, there is nothing matter with
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that. but this bill is awful. >> to say that the bill is long and unimaginable is ridiculous. you are a businessman. there are contracts. >> have you read it, my friend? have you read at this time bill? >> i have read the bill. the entire bill cover to cover. >> oh, my god. this is the same bill nancy pelosi said pass so i go home and read it. >> what is immoral cheering for people dying that didn't have health insurance. ip want to see people life. >> and johnathon go ahead. that is harsh, respond: what is immoral is force. this is a country based on voluntarily trade and we talked about it for months and in the weeks and months leading up to. forces you to participate and fund system that is a system designed to fail. we are paying for it before the man date.
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if you get sick you pay for it anyway. >> it is a freedom to offer benefit that is they want. it shouldn't be told. >> we should be for a single payer health care. >> that is part of the capitalistic. >> chris who i learned energy plants and great to see you . thank you for coming on this week. >> privatize and stop invasive pat downs and cashin in, the guy who created the tsa. his stunning about face is next. [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree llee. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ne to enjoy every one of their days.
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>> the man who created the tsa thinks it siwaste of the tax dollars. privatize it. >> i want to carry my water bottle through security. that's all i want. john. >> i am having success with
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shipping stocks. gnk and eagle shipping that we talked about a couple of weekings. kirky -- kirby is one of them. they are doing well. they are at a yearly high and i am parking my ship with shipping. >> you and the baltics. >> wayne rogers what do you have in >> i don't think it is going to be a double dip. i am betting against that. i like the rush lindex funds. six months from now, you will be a happy investors. todd what do you have got? >> big week for housing and talking about existing home sales and everything coming out and it is going to be horrific for the house being sector. you want to have public storage right now. you are not selling it on craig's list. you have to put it somewhere. >> i want johnathon's take on that investment. we talked about that before. >>


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